EXP Share #3: Final Fantasy VII

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Welcome to the new year everyone. My first post of this year is a collaboration post created by DanamesX. If you would like to also participate you can go to their blog for more info. This collaboration is Share A Story About A Game That You Played For The First Time This Month. This is EXP Share # 3.

The game that I have chosen for the collaboration is Final Fantasy VII. know that I played the remake but they are two different games. I never got the chance to play it when it came out on the PlayStation. After playing through the remake I decided to buy FF VII because I wanted to experience the game that people loved so much.

I chose this game because between Mortal Kombat 11 and Final Fantasy VII I’ve liked FF VII a little more. I also chose this game because I wanted to give my first thoughts on a game that I know many people love.

Final Fantasy VII materia selection.
Materia in Final Fantasy VII

One of the things I like is the materia system. It’s a cool way to have different characters use the magic of your choice instead of learning stuff that you may or may not use. I like that you learn a higher level of magic as you become more proficient with a materia. I also like that they don’t have classes or jobs that you have to choose. The limit breaks are also a very nice addition along with being able to choose if you want the fully active battle system or you want to have the game wait a little for your inputs. This is pretty minor but I like being able to name the main character. It adds some personalization to the game.

Final Fantasy VII menu
Current party size is two but limited to 3

For my dislikes one of them is that I don’t like the party size. It feels weird having only three people in a party at a time. I’ll probably get over it, but it’s a change when compared to other games in the series. Another thing I don’t like is the ladder climbing. It feels like a nitpick but sometimes it feels like your inputs aren’t being registered for the ladders. One thing that I found as both a like and dislike is the speed of the game. It feels as though the pacing is too fast but you also aren’t stuck in locations for a long time. It’s like a double edged sword. The final thing that I disliked so far is the difficulty. I know RPG games like Final Fantasy are usually pretty difficult but so far it feels too easy. They are early enemies though so that could easily change.

I will definitely continue playing this game. As someone who’s favorite Final Fantasy was the first one I think that this one could possibly change my mind about that. I will say that the best way to experience the game is on the original PlayStation. I only say that because as a port it has some minor issues that I’ve ran into. The one that has happened to me recently was after going into the menu then getting into a fight all the sound cuts out. The only fix is to get to a save point and exit the game. As always thank you all for reading. Be sure to follow me on twitter for more updates. Be sure to also let me know what you thought of Final Fantasy VII in the comments below. No spoiling anything though as I would like to experience everything for myself. Here is some quick game play as a bonus. It still looks pretty good for its time.


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