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My Thoughts on Devil May Cry 2 Auto Aim

Image credits to Nintendo. Devil May Cry is owned by Capcom.

About two or three months ago I was looking around the PlayStation store and saw the Devil May Cry HD Collection + 4Se on sale. I hadn’t played any of the series and decided to make the purchase. I’m currently on DMC 2 and noticed the added auto aim. At first I found it quite nice, it made hitting enemies easier, but then I encountered auto aim’s worst nightmare, the dreaded switch. That thing right below.

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry® HD Collection. Captured on ps4.

You must be thinking, “how could hitting a switch be so difficult? ” Imagine trying to hit a switch while enemies keep spawning, because of auto aim you keep swinging towards enemies that are off screen. This makes hitting these switches nearly impossible. To hit them you have to to do Dante’s downward slash. So far the game has been better than DMC 1 except for the switches.

This was a pretty short one but I have a bigger article coming up. It’s a review and retrospective of the Mega Man Star Force series. As always thank you for reading. If you want to know my opinions on Devil May Cry 1 comment and let me know.


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